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Educational Websites & Apps

Nessy Reading and Spelling

Nessy provides reading and spelling practice through engaging games.  Your child has an account.  You can access the reading and spelling games through the website or by downloading the app.  Contact me for your child’s login information to get started! 



Phonics skills are a very important part of your first grader’s reading journey.  Your child has a Lalilo account to practice phonics, phonemic awareness, and comprehension skills.  This program allows your first grade to practice reading skills and sends reports back to me in regards to her progress.  To access your child’s account, please contact me for login information.



SplashLearn is a math program used in our classroom.  SplashLearn gives me the opportunity to assign practice and assessments on first grade math skills.  At the beginning of the school year you will be given instructions on accessing your child’s profile at home.  If you happen to have misplace this information, please contact me and I will be happy to help you get your child logged into their SplashLearn assignments.  



The Seesaw app is used for your first grader to complete virtual assignments assigned by me.  Your child has an account that they can access through the free app or by logging in on a computer.  At the beginning of the year log-in instructions will be sent to you.  If you misplace the instructions or need help logging in, please contact me and I will be happy to help you get your child logged into their Seesaw account to complete assignments.


What’s more fun than connecting literature to food? This website offers a large selection of books that you can read together and some yummy recipes to make that go along with the theme of the book.  Don’t let you not owning some of these books stop you from the fun.  Many of these titles can be found online.  Just simply plug the book title into your search engine and see what comes up.  Most of the time you can look under “videos” in the search results and find the book and someone else has already recorded as a read aloud.  All you have to do is snuggle up with your kiddo and listen to the story! You may want to pause it along the way to discuss what is happening, make predictions about what will happen next, and discuss any interesting vocabulary words your child is unfamiliar with.  After the story is over, hit the kitchen and make one the the recipes this website has associated with the book title and further discuss the book as you cook! Click on the picture below to get started. 

Kids Cooking Activities


free books read online

Click on the picture above to visit  This site offers a wide variety of books and several options to narrow your search.  Your child can pick a book to listen to on SO many different topics.  Listen together and discuss the story before, during, and after reading.  While first graders are becoming independent readers, they still gain a lot of skills by listening to stories read aloud to them.  Content knowledge, story structure, and vocabulary are important skills gained while listening to a book.  You can work on this skills anytime by reading to your child or visiting the site above. 

This is a great site the offers a variety of games about literacy, math, science, and social studies.  Some can be played on tablets, iPads, and phones; however, most are still best played on a computer.

Sheppard Software


This site has a free app for tablets and iPads.  Kids can play a restricted number of free games and change periodically.  If you want access to all the games on this site you will have to sign up for a membership.  You can access all the games for free on a computer.  I use this website often in the classroom to reinforce new skills and review past skills we have learned.  During free time many of my students opt to play the free games on this app.

IXL offers math and language skills practice.  We have a class account to this site which allows me to assign skills practice, track progress, and set goals for your child.  For help getting into this program via the computer or the IXL app, please contact me for login information.



Quizizz allows me to assign a quiz over a topic we are learning about in the classroom.  If I assign a quiz for homework, I will send the quiz code to parents so you can help your child sign in and complete the quiz. 

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