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OK Virtual Library

OK Virtual Library

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Access to the OK Virtual Library is provided to Alex students by the Lindsay (Oklahoma) Community Library through a collaboration agreement known as the L&L (Leopards and Longhorns) Rural OK Literacy Initiative. The OK Virtual Library offers free of charge fiction and non-fiction ebooks and audiobooks, popular magazines and videos for use on mobile devices and computers.

A virtual library access number is required to sign into the library.  Each Alex school student in grades 4 through 12 has been assigned a number that begins with an A and is followed by the last six digits of their student ID number.  Example: A123456. No password is required to sign into the OK Virtual Library.

Library access numbers are kept on file at the school but students may use them at home or anywhere else.  Students should write down their number or store it on their electronic device if they want to download library materials when away from school.  Only digital materials are included in the collaboration agreement with the Lindsay Community Library. The assigned library access numbers DO NOT allow Alex students to check out physical materials from the library.

Once signed into the library go to My Account>>Settings to set preferences.  Users may choose various options for lending periods, check-out of materials and library browsing.

After check-out, if the book or other library item is not finished before its expiration date it will be deleted from the device and will have to be checked out again to be completed.

The OK Virtual Library operates much like a physical library. If a desired book or other item is available, users may proceed with check-out. If the item is checked out by someone else, a Hold may be placed on the item.  An email address is required to place an item on Hold.  Alex students should use their school-issued email addresses to place books on Hold in the OK Virtual Library. Notification will be sent by email when the item is available for download.

The OK Virtual Library is Easy to Access...

Use the Libby App on any iOS, Android or Windows device and most Chrome devices.

Some Chrome devices and most Mac computers use the Overdrive App.

The OK Virtual Library can also be accessed through any web browser on any computer.

In all interfaces, choose Lindsay Community Library and enter your library access number.

iOS, Android and Windows Users – Libby App Downloads

Download from the iOS App Store     Download from Google Play    Download from Windows Store


OK Virtual Library access on Chrome Devices

See all options


Web Browser Access

Sign into the OK Virtual Library website – The Overdrive App, a free Adobe Digital Editions ID and/or a Kindle App may be required. 

In any app or web browser, the OK Virtual Library can be searched for books appropriate for certain age groups.  The images below link to collections for Kids and Teens.

OKVL for Kids

OKVL for Teens

The various collections offered by the OK Virtual Library can be sorted by Interest Level, ATOS Levels, Lexile Measures and Text Difficulty to ensure students check out books they can comprehend and enjoy. 

Virtual Library Navigation

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