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Alex Elementary

Welcome to Alex Elementary!!!

New building sketch

Dear Parents and Guardians,

       As you know, the start to this year has been full of changes.  As we celebrate the progress our school is making through construction I would like to take a moment to thank those who have been generous in their support of our school. The changes made to our school represent an investment our community has made, which will benefit the growth of our children and their future.  As a school, we recognize and appreciate this commitment and understand it is the whole community that comes together to successfully educate our children.

            With that in mind, I would like you to know that our focus for each student is growth.  We would like to challenge each student to reach beyond any personal limitations they may have set for themselves so that they are free to achieve at a higher level in the areas of academic, social, and personal development.  We are also committed to being our students’ biggest cheerleaders, while instilling within them the confidence to fail and try again, time after time, in an effort to cultivate a mindset of growth. As educators at Alex Public Schools we will accept nothing but our students’ most persistent efforts to overcome obstacles that stand in the way of their accomplishments and we are dedicated to being there to guide them each step of the way.

            I feel humbled and honored to have the opportunity to educate children in my home town.  The weight of that responsibility is not lost on me.  It is my personal goal to learn about our students and their families, to understand their dreams and aspirations, and to assist them in achieving beyond what they can imagine.  As we move into a new school year with all the optimism it holds, I will make it my aim to value the individual student while instilling within them the understanding that we are stronger together, as a cohesive unit, and that we all have room for improvement. I am certain that as we traverse a year of transitions, we will face them together, and that positive growth is sure to be the outcome!

Nicole Bauman
Elementary Principal